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Cymru mewn 100 Gwrthrych / Wales in 100 Objects

This book will, I hope, become a modern classic and I am so proud to have designed it! The back cover describes it better than I could:

‘Wales in 100 Objects is a collection of miniature histories, each arising from a single physical object. The objects range in date from early prehistory to the present.  Inside you’ll find, among other things, a Roman sword from the first century BCE,  the earliest manuscript of Hen wlad fy nhadau and a Raspberry Pi, the revolutionary computer designed to help children learn coding. Opposite stunning photographs by Rolant Dafis, Andrew Green’s informative texts explain and explore each item. 

The objects are drawn from every part of Wales, and all are available to the public. A list of locations and map are included in the back of the book, to help you seek out these pieces of history for yourself.’

Book design and typography

It’s printed and published by Gomer, with separate hardback editions for Welsh and English. The design is simple and clean, to enable the beautiful photos and fascinating texts to speak for themselves. Can you work out where the dragon motif comes from on the cover? It’s in the book somewhere, and not what you might expect! I love it’s ancient Egyptian look, and decided to emphasise that with gold foil on the cover.

I used a stencil style font for headings, which for me connects (well, sort of…) with the idea of museum packaging and transportation – it works well for numbers too! The body text is set in bariol serif, a beautifully balanced and subtle ‘egyptienne’ style font from the wonderful Portuguese atipofoundry.

Discover Wales

Some of the objects are familiar to me, but often only in passing, and it’s great to get a more in-depth understanding of them and their place in the story of Wales. Some are new – and I look forward to visiting them in my travels. Recently I was at Cardiff City Hall and unexpectedly came face to face with the statue of Owain Glyndwr, featured in the book!